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Launch of Co. Sligo Rugby Development Programme

Sligo County Council recently announced the launch of an exciting new initiative - the Co. Sligo Rugby Development Programme. This groundbreaking collaboration between the Council and Connacht Rugby aims to grow and develop rugby across the county and provide pathways for young talent.

The launch event on 29th January at Sligo County Hall welcomed the new Co. Sligo Rugby Development Officer, Ross Mannion, who will play a key role in advancing the sport across the county. Ross brings a wealth of expertise and passion that will inspire and nurture our youth. His efforts to build partnerships and promote rugby at all levels will ensure every young athlete in Sligo has the opportunity to thrive in the sport.

The programme underscores Sligo's commitment to developing rugby and harnessing its many benefits - from fitness and skills to camaraderie and a sense of belonging. Huge credit is due to our existing coaches, volunteers and players who have laid the foundations.

In his role as Rugby Development Officer, Ross will play a pivotal role in nurturing and advancing the sport within our county. This position holds tremendous responsibility as it serves as a catalyst for developing talent, fostering teamwork, and instilling the core values of rugby in the hearts of our young athletes.

In attendance at the launch event were Joe Gorham, Head of Rugby Development with Connacht Rugby, Rory Raftery, President of Sligo Rugby, Tom Nielsen, Chairperson of Sligo Rugby, Lyndon Jones, Rugby Participation Manager with Connacht Rugby, Councillor Michael Clarke, Councillor Thomas Walsh, Chief Executive Martin Lydon, Director of Services Dorothy Clarke and Emer Concannon, Deirdre Lavin, Sligo Sports and Recreation and Ross Mannion, newly appointed Co. Sligo Rugby Development Officer.

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