International Tickets

Application forms for Six Nations 2024 can be found here. The closing date for applications is Friday 8/12/2023.
Anyone thinking of traveling for away games in the Six Nations - please contact Niall Draper ( immediately to advise of your ticket requests. The Club gets a small allocation so we can give no guarantees.

Please note that priority will be given to the following applicants:
A. Annual Membership has been paid by applicant
B. Applicants who are members of the 400 Club and the Club Lotto
C. Applicants who are workers in the Club
D. Applicants who are sponsors of the Club
E. The application is made on the condition that you accept responsibility for
payment of the tickets awarded to you direct via Ticketmaster.
F. Cancellation policy - tickets once ordered will require payment in full.
G. Tickets are not transferrable, we have a waiting list, you must return tickets if
not using them.
H. The application must be made on this official form only by Friday 08/12/2023
I. Maximum allocation Two per club member but this does not entitle you to two
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