High Performance Partnership with High School Old Boys

Sligo Rugby Club are thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking collaboration with High School Old Boys from Christchurch, New Zealand, founded in 1901. HSOB boasts a storied history and a strong legacy in rugby. Over the years, they have produced several notable players who have left a lasting impact on the sport. Among their past famous players are legends such as Dan Carter, Andrew Mehrtens, Justin Marshall, Rueben Thorne, Aaron Maguer to name but a few – all of whom have achieved global recognition for their contributions to rugby.

Sligo boasts a rich history intertwined with the High School Old Boys, affectionately known as “The Polar Bears.” Notably, Billy Leahy and Jason East have graced the Christchurch team’s ranks, while in reciprocity, Paddy Pearson, Jamie Livingstone, and Calum Goddard have all donned the Sligo jersey. Presently, Paddy a former player and captain serves as our Head Coach, while Calum Goddard recently achieved a milestone, becoming only the fourth player in our history to reach 100 AIL appearances. We are very proud of what Paddy and Calum continue to achieve for our club.

This partnership aims to bolster player and coach development and propel the growth of both esteemed rugby clubs by the following methods:

  1. Player and Coaching Exchanges: Experience cross-cultural immersion, skill refinement, and knowledge transfer through short-term exchanges focused on specific skill areas and cultural appreciation.
  2. Resource Sharing: Benefit from coaching workshops, access to training resources, and performance analysis insights to elevate player development and performance evaluation.
  3. Shared Virtual Clinics for Coaches: Engage in regular webinars, interactive Q&A sessions, and remote mentorship to continuously enhance coaching expertise.

“This partnership is now live, and our first player has arrived on New Zealand soil. Pictured above on the left is Conor Creaven, a former cup-winning captain of Sligo Grammar School, who made his senior debut for Sligo Rugby Club this season. Alongside him is our senior team manager, Ross O’Boyle who helped put this high-performance partnership together, alongside former Sligo Rugby Captain and Kiwi native, Jamie Livingstone and our head coach Paddy Pearson.

This presents a fantastic opportunity for Conor, a highly promising young player who has previously represented Connacht at underage levels. Undoubtedly, he will return to Sligo as a more accomplished player, enriched with invaluable life experiences.

On the right is Luke Timms, HSOB Prop, alongside Patrick Pearson, our Head Coach, who coincidentally was on holiday during the launch of this initiative! Also present was Joff Maor, Head Coach of HSOB, welcoming Conor Creaven just in time for preseason.”

Luke Timms will be going in the opposite direction and heading to Strandhill for the 24/25 Season.

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